Pyrex National Baking Week

Homemade Family Time
14th - 20th
October 2019

JUST MILK is just that, milk, but with all the benefits of fresh combined with the total convenience of UHT. That means it’s just perfect for cooking as you can now have milk to hand whenever required – no more trips to the shops half way through a recipe!

JUST MILK has been a partner of National Baking Week for four years now and has loved every minute of it. By getting involved, JUST IMILK wants to encourage Britain to get baking again so that the next generation can remember their mother’s cooking as fondly as we remember ours.

Make sure you check out Just Milk’s promotion to get children baking too. Pick up a special bottle of Just Milk and enter your code online for your chance to win Pyrex bakeware for kids every day!

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Tips and advice:

  • Hate the skin on Rice Pudding?
    To prevent a skin forming on the top of warmed milk either cover it directly with cling film, or froth it until a foam appears – the skin won’t be able to form if there’s a foam present.
  • Heating milk
    To avoid milk boiling over and making a big mess always heat JUST MILK gently over a medium/low heat and don’t let the temperature exceed 80°C/180°F – use a thermometer if there’s one to hand.
  • Why use skimmed JUST MILK?
    If you love milk but are concerned about the fat content, consider swapping to skimmed UHT milk. Many people find skimmed UHT creamier than their normal milk so swap down a fat level to achieve the same results.

Recipes by Just Milk

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