Pyrex National Baking Week

Homemade Family Time
14th - 20th
October 2019

The Pastry People at JUS-ROL™ have been creating pastry since 1954 when Tom, the founder of JUS-ROL™, decided to help busy mums save time by creating ready to roll pastry. Ever since, JUS-ROL™ has been a family favourite for creating delicious wholesome pastry meals and is still a timesaving staple.

Jus-Rol and National Baking week...perfect partners

At Jus-Rol we’re on a mission to get people making fresh, delicious home-baked food! National Baking Week is the perfect occasion to get out your pinny and get into the kitchen, baking at home can be as easy, or as involved as you’d like to make it. Whether you’ve got loads of baking experience, or just a little, there are so many ways you can get involved with National Baking Week this year.

With so many easy recipe ideas JUS-ROL™ will show you how to turn everyday ingredients into delicious home-baked meals. Visit

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Tips and advice:

  • Roll out Jus-Rol pastry smoothly and evenly away from you, giving a quarter turn every three or four strokes until required shape is achieved.
  • To avoid pastry stretching or breaking during rolling do not lift it up with your hands but roll it around the pin and lift it with the pin.
  • Always use a sharp knife when cutting or trimming pastry, especially for puff pastry as this will allow a good rise around the edges.
  • Glazing pastry with milk or beaten egg prior to cooking gives it a lovely golden sheen, which helps make the dish look delicious.

Recipes by Jus-Rol

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