Pyrex National Baking Week

Homemade Family Time
14th - 20th
October 2019

Baking Basics

If you have a kitchen, chances are you already have all the tools you need to get baking. If not, a quick trip to your local kitchenware shop or supermarket for some Pyrex bowls, jugs and bakeware and a whisk and wooden spoon should not set you back more than a few pounds. Check out our essential equipment checklist for some ideas!

That’s the wonderful thing about baking. It doesn’t take more than an oven, a recipe and a few simple tools to get started. Simply follow the recipe to the letter and you won’t go far wrong.

This all sounds simple, but weights, measures and even the techniques you use can affect the outcome of the recipe quite considerably - so read our baking techniques and get baking!


Smells, tastes, sights and sounds — baking really is a feast of nostalgia for all the senses. Whatever your memories of baking, they have no doubt shaped your perceptions of food, family and home today. From the process of shopping for the ingredients, preparing and mixing to baking and eating, every stage of the process has strong potential to create memories. You never realised that baking a tray of muffins was so powerful, did you?

Baking with children

Most of us have a story of baking with parents or grandparents that we remember. And there is nothing better than your own mum's cakes, pies and biscuits. Now it is our opportunity to create those memories for our own children or grandchildren. The recipes on this website are ideal for baking with children. The youngest members of the family will love decorating biscuits — just make sure that they are wearing an apron first! Baking together doesn’t have to be a daily, or even weekly occurrence — although once you start you may all find it addictive.

Feel good factor

The sense of achievement that baking creates can really lift the spirits. On a difficult day, after a bad exam result, during hard times at work or school there is nothing better than creating something that will turn out wonderfully and lift the spirits. And because certain recipes cannot be rushed, they help you relax — so that you can enjoy the process and then revel in the end result.

Healthy baking

The word 'baking' conjures up images of cakes, biscuits and buns. But flick through the recipes on this website and you discover that baking can actually be healthy. Savoury bakes can include any number of vegetables — they can even be cleverly hidden from non-vegetable eating children! And sweet bakes such as pumpkin tea bread are ideal for a sweet tooth, without feeling too indulgent. Plus, of course, home baking can contain no additive, preservatives, colourings or flavourings — which has to be healthier than most of the ready-meal options that you can buy from the shops.

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