Pyrex National Baking Week

Homemade Family Time
16th - 22nd
October 2017

Trusted since 1915, Pyrex’s heat resistant glass has become a kitchen essential. Today, more than 75% of British kitchens are home to a piece of Pyrex and there is now a vast choice of products in all materials to cover every cookware requirement.

Pyrex founded National Baking Week back in 2007 with like-minded baking brands.  The aim of the campaign is to encourage people to bake at home – if you are a beginner or an expert, anyone can get involved!

The clear favourite in the kitchen just got smaller! This year there is a new addition to our iconic glassware range – a very cute 0.25l measuring jug!  This new jug will be perfect for smaller measurements and for mixing baking ingredients like icing.

Tips and advice: 

To stop the jam bubbling out of jam tarts before the pastry is cooked, simply keep the jam in the fridge before use – simple but very effective!

Freeze lemon juice in ice cube trays and then when recipes call for tablespoon of lemon juice just toss in a cube – this works well for all citrus fruits.

Zest a fresh orange (i.e. just the orange part not the white pith) and put into butter and brown sugar when you make sticky buns so the sugary part will not turn gritty but will really caramelise.  Great taste and texture!

When cooking any kind of strawberry dessert, add a splash of aged Balsamic vinegar to the recipe to enhance the flavor of the strawberries

Egg whites should always be at room temperature before whipping. Be certain there is no yolk in the whites and that the bowl and beaters are perfectly clean. Cream, on the other hand, should be well-chilled.

Cookies will spread if your dough is too pliable by allowing butter to get too soft. If your cookies are spreading too much, try refrigerating the dough for a couple of hours before baking.

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