National Baking Week

RISE UP - Join the British Baking Revolution
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National Baking Week for 2013 is now over
but keep baking – there are plenty of recipes here for you to try!

Get Baking

It's the sixth year of National Baking Week, and this year we wanted to stir it up a little. We're encouraging people across the UK not to put up with bland, shop bought baked products. We want people to join the revolution and spend more time baking for themselves, their friends and family. There's such a variety of recipes available, we'd like you to try something new and tackle more challenging bakes. This is why this year, we've partnered with someone who's shown that we're all capable of creating some fantastic and novel recipes in our own kitchens. John Whaite was winner of last year's Great British Bake Off, and is passionate about baking. To kick things off he's produced five recipes, exclusive to National Baking Week for you to try. You'll find four of these in our indexed recipe section, and you'll receive the extra one is you sign up to keep up to date with what's happening between October 14th – 20th.

So encourage your family and friends to join the revolution and start baking today.